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love the “shy” Shira playing with the machete and the “gentle soul” father in jail. hilarious.

You’ve done what i’ve always wanted to do – play out the scenes that long to be looked at from a comic perspective!
And a happy ending!

thanks, Shoshana

love your comics, Shoshana. I am your fan!… meet you on FB

me again, Shoshana- please read what I wrote on the other comics, I really love them, i think you should post it on Jerusalem Post maybe publish it yourself, anyway it is smart and fun
from Gabi

you used to have the all comics here, it was fun, now I see you’ve changed the format.
look forward to reading it, please let me know. congrats!!!!!

Love your comics. I got them for my daughter when we met in Hot Springs. Children today like to read illustrated books and yours are really special, you are such a great artist. My daughter loves your Dana character.
Good luck with everything.