Digital Paintings by Shoshana Brand

(High-resolution images, that can be printed as Giclee prints or on canvases. Contact us here for exact dimensions)

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In this body of work, objects and characters have been simplified to their geometric essentials and dynamic curves. The graphic structure of the surface is Abstract in nature but substantially Cubist, as it is combining several different views of the subjects. I use strong colors and an energetic fragmentation of forms to create a semi-realistic perception of life.

I am interested in conveying conflicts between past and future, and between people and their habitat. I bring a selection from my acrylic paintings into computer programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, to superimpose them with my figurative photographs and my hand drawings. The final digital illustration aims to recreate the visual and narrative mood of the subconscious, left up to the spectator to piece the parts together. 

Shoshana Brand