I have created acrylic paintings, video art, sculpture, site-specific installations, books, and public art. I also have worked directly with the wall, producing intimate private white-on-white artwork. 

My work is produced as an exercise or a hands-on experience, evoking a dialogue between the organic forms of nature and man-made architectural objects. When working with the public domain I like to ask directly: What does the space have to say?

The focus of my practice in recent years has been digital illustrations. In this body of work, objects and characters have been simplified to their geometric essentials and dynamic curves. The geometric structure of the surface is substantially Cubist, combining several different views of the subjects. 

Being influenced by the style of abstract painters, the work echoes Willem de Kooning’s colorful expression and Hans Hofmann’s exploration of shifting picture planes.

I bring a selection from my acrylic paintings into computer programs, such as Photoshop or Illustrator, to superimpose them with my figurative photographs and hand drawings. The final digital illustration aims to recreate the visual and narrative mood of the subconscious, left up to the spectator to piece the parts together. 

Shoshana Brand

The Puzzled Road by Shoshana Brand. Acrylics on wood, dimensions variable








Push-Pull the Sphere.
A digital illustration by Shoshana Brand