by Shoshana Brand

I purchased a 1600-square-foot house in Fort Worth, TX, plus a man cave of about 350 square feet in the backyard. I renovated the house. The whole story about the renovation of the man cave (which was transformed into a woman cave) will be told in another article.

While for the floor and light installation, I hired workers, for everything else – I put my own hands to work.
And it came out amazingly nice.

I decided to go for earthy colors of green and brown, combined with grey, which is a very ‘In’ color today in home design.

Also, the green and brown colors had some grey in them. They definitely were not on the bright or light side.

The tile I chose for the bedroom’s floor dictated an artistic, cozy, Southern-France kind of deco.

I used only Marquee paints by Behr. They can be found at Home Depot. I love the fact that you don’t need to apply more than one coat with Marquee.

I used both a brush and a roller when painting, and for the most part, it took me two to three days to finish one bedroom. That’s because I did lots of other things in between. I listened to music and really took it easy.

You should be happy when you renovate a house, or it ain’t worth it! 😎

I painted also the cabinets, doors, panels, closets, and everything I wanted to bring to life.

Then I enlivened the grass by watering it very often and by feeding it with some grass food. I planted new plants in the front and the backyards, and installed trails, and little white fences. I also repaired the gates and hung flowerbeds.

I had to uproot a 30-year-old tree that shed many leaves and put the house in danger with its invading roots. This created a clean wide space in the backyard, and let me work peacefully on a more delicate approach to the landscape.

I purchased an old neglected house, in which I hated to stay or spend the nights. In the first week, I looked around me, and could not believe I had purchased such a lemon. 🍋

It was a gamble, but I knew I would be able to beautify this house. The prior owners were very sloppy. They probably hadn’t even changed the A/C filter for two years or so, as it was completely black. I had to put lots of energy into cleaning and painting, but the foundation and other basics, such as the roof, electric system, or windows, were fine.

Within several months, however, and with less than $7,000, I have brought this friable place to a top condition amazing unique, and warm state of the arts home-sweet-home.
Enjoy the photos. 😍