by Shoshana Brand

In contrast to what teachers think, they are not the only individuals who are treated badly. There are more groups of individuals who are forced to face discrimination where ever they go.

And here they are:

Christians, Jews, blonds, bearded men and women, Muslims, those with yellow teeth, those with no teeth, journalists, nuns, Persians, Whites, Blacks, Catholics, pirates, snakes, snake lovers, pit bulls, angry cats, most pets, politicians, politician supporters, monks, Germans, atheists, Buddhists, Israelis, Americans, Africans, African Americans, Mexicans, and little people.

Fat people, skinny people, bold people, hairy people, the wrinkled, the lazy, the cheap, the too tall, the poor, the rich, the excessive shoppers, the bourgeoisie, TV producers, TV watchers, waitresses, gays, transgenders, women, men, people who pick their nose, cops, elephants, alligators, hunters, immigrants, rednecks, folk singers, male ballet dancers, tomboys, boys who say thank you and welcome, yellers, talkers, stutters, people with special needs, and those who are covered with tattoos.

Meat eaters, non-eaters, Play Boy bunnies, witches, palm readers, nonreaders, illiterates, intellectuals, those who wear sandals with socks, alcoholics, coffee drinkers, those with an accent, those who have long names, environmentalists, mentalists, mentally challenged, veterans, vegetarians, vegans, virgins, and those who are too loose (especially if they are in Middle School).

Government workers, the unemployed, bosses, employees, the elderly, insurance workers, door-to-door salesmen, criminals, priests, homeless, truck drivers, those who snore, those who have bad breath, those who are afraid of intimacy, the immature, the shy, psychiatrists, chiropractors, ghosts, paparazzi, married couples, singles, divorced, porn stars, the too successful, the famous ones, and the ones who used to be too successful and famous and are no more.

Only baby Pandas, hairdressers, and Comics characters are exceptional and everyone adores them.