Video Art: Tilted Cyprus

Tilted Cypress, 3;58 minutes. Color. Sound. The video presents an uprooted tall cypress that contemplates the life it used to have. Audio such as strong wind, dog barks, heartbeat, and a gate closing up accompany this gloomy video. The piece was on display for a month in Janco Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel, and for a month … Read More

Video Art: Pretty City

This video documents my public art project titled Last Gesture, created in Wen Ling Road, Kunming, China.  One night I painted a whole ruined street block fluorescent pink. The project calls attention to the rapid growth and change of the modern Chinese city, as new skyscrapers keep rising up throughout China, and ancient Chinese houses … Read More

Video Art: Poems to the Sea

The movie portrays city residents reading poems to the sea in different languages.  I prepared it for the Show Me the Water exhibit in the International Gallery of Contemporary Art, Anchorage, Alaska. The video expresses feelings of longing to the ocean, which at the end of the movie is shown briefly, like a remote blue aching … Read More

Super 8 Films

The Dreamy Train by Shoshana Brand. A Super 8 movie echoing the silent movies genre.

Documentary by Shoshana Brand

A 45-minute Documentary Video, by Shoshana Brand, portraying people who have come from various locals and backgrounds to build their home in rural place.

Venturous Vanguard Video Festival (VVVF)

Founded and curated by Shoshana Brand, Venturous Vanguard Video Festival (VVVF) is an international video festival, featuring video shorts from all over the world.