Around the Center

My wall pieces go beneath the drywall, the wood, cement, spackle, and paint.

Seduced by the building’s white façade they portray a desire to become an inseparable part of its deaf tyranny and monumental power. 

The walls in my work have been utilized as neither a canvas nor a board of any kind, but have become themselves the original artistic material as well as the final work of art.

A contrast to the disciplined, massive, institutional nature of the wall, my work depicts an ephemeral intention. The images are displayed for a given period of time and then come off the wall, bringing into focus what is visible but unseen or what is invisible but potentially seeable.

The temporality of my work ensures that it serves to counter rather than complement the didactic or decorative scheme of the architectural structure on which it is placed.


Winnie the Pooh
Wall Map (United We Stand)
Big Fish Small Fish                                                                       


Stir and Pour


The Blue