When traveling in 2020, I stayed in several motels and hotels and dined in many restaurants. No one place was like the other.

Hotels on the most part were almost vacant, while many of the restaurants were quite crowded. Some of the customers preferred to eat at home so they came to the restaurant just to get their order out.

Most of the restaurants were arranged differently, with large gaps and/or hung plastic walls in between tables.

Zoes Kitchen, Norman, OK


Flying Fish, Fort Worth, TX


Yogi’s Deli & Grill
First Watch, Fort Worth, TX
First watch, Fort Worth, TX
Fish Place, Dickinson TX

Piranha Killer Ramen, Arlington, TX
Piranha Killer Ramen, Arlington, TX

Panera Bread, Forth Worth, TX


Asian Fusion, Fort Worth

LeMadeleine, Fort Worth, TX

Double Tree Hilton San Fransisco airport, California


And this tiny sized breakfast cost me $27
A closet in one of the Air BNB houses, where I stayed. Apparently the guests of the year 2000 left a message on the wall.

Motel 6, Watauga, TX