Located on Florida’s Treasure Coast in Martin County, the city of Stuart has a population of 16,237. It is often cited as one of the best small towns to visit in the U.S. It has a tropical rainforest climate, beautiful water view, plenty of tourists, picturesque buildings, and a lot of charm.

The 2020 events have not seemed to affect Stuart so much. The restaurants were crowded, even during the winter months (Nov’ and Dec’ 2020). In a November sunny Sunday morning, when I visited the town, many were walking in the streets and along the shore, shopping, and riding their bicycles. Boat owners were sailing and enjoying the water as usual.

Stuart Boathouse, a popular restaurant


The picturesque buildings of Downtown Stuart

Inside the Coffee Bar

A sunny beautiful Sunday Fair, with a water view; lots of artists, farmers and artisans sell their products