Pompano Beach, FL is known for its beaches, marinas, offshore coral reef, and numerous dive sites. The long Pompano Beach Pier stretches into the Atlantic Ocean, just north of Fort Lauderdale. When I traveled in the area in November-December 2020 businesses were open, people used the community park and sport arenas, kids attended schools, and many folks prepared themselves for Christmas.

Some places here and there were closed, though, and shops seemed less crowded than usual. There were no tourists around, and over all one could certainly sense that this year had been different.

Ready for Christmas, 2020


This business seemed to be closed or debilitated

A sunny Sunday morning by the beach

Entering a gym, which its parking lot is quite full

A street sign thanks different group workers for their service

Pompano Beach Community Park. This year it does not hold any sport events.

No group training or competitions are taking place

Lots of businesses put an OPEN sign outside to attract shoppers in
What a Time to Be Alive Indeed!