Target in Hurst, TX was semi-empty in August 2020. When I looked for a fitting room to try on some new clothes, I was told that they were shut off. I was allowed, however, to buy clothes, take them home, and return them within a certain deadline if they did not fit. Customers did not seem to be enthusiastic with this arrangement. There were not many around.

New stores opened up right before the election; so was the Trump Store in Hurst, TX. It was quite crowded when I entered the store.

Traveling in Louisiana in September 2020 I noticed the famous Brass Pro Shops and went in. This huge place has a fantastic decor and a cinematic appeal. It was full of people, and I purchased there clothes, a sleeping bag, and some local cheese.

Target, Hurst. Only few customers seem to walk around. Fitting rooms are closed.
A new popular Trump Store, Hurst, TX


A selfie room where you can take pictures standing by the President and the First Lady

Brass Pro Shops, Louisiana. Exterior
Brass Pro Shops, a place with a fantastic look that attracts many customers