by Shoshana Brand

Our school’s principal invited an art teacher from some kind of an organization to our school, for a week of short sessions in the Cafeteria.

The “art teacher” taught the young students how to draw buildings with a pencil, but did not provide an eraser. She scolded them for not putting down a straight line, and yelled “Shshshsh, no, not like this” every two minutes. She forced the kids to put a clock on one of the buildings by “drawing the letter C in different ways”, a suggestion that confused some kids with special needs.

She also encouraged the kids to put Graffiti on the walls “because it’s probably a bad neighborhood”…

Kids cried; one threw a tantrum on the floor; another tore his painting, and yelled bad words.

The principal punished these kids and invited the “teacher” again for another week.

That’s what happens when you eliminate the Arts in public schools for so many years:

You just don’t know what an art teacher really does.