Tallahassee, the capital city of Florida, has rolling hills, oak-canopied roads, and lots of driving cars and trucks. A week of traveling in this sunny city in November 2020 concluded that all or most of the businesses are open and fully functioning, and people wear face masks inside stores, but not when they walk outside. In this regard, Tallahassee was very similar to Louisiana and Alabama.

I saw a store that went out of business due to the Pandemic; a store worker who scolded for 15 exhausting long minutes a young guy who did not wear a face mask, and lots of joyful kids playing and laughing. People were preparing themselves for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and a buzz of busy stamina was in the air where ever I went.


AJ Henry Park

GreenWise Market
An older store worker is scolding a young guy who does not wear a face mask, saying over and over again to him that “he needs to be careful”.
A long line of people waiting to enter Trader Joe’s.
“Earth Fare” – a store that went out of business due to the pandemic

Seven Hills Suites – a huge hotel with several stand along buildings. Only few travelers occupy the beautiful rooms


A very rare sight of a woman wearing her face mask also outdoors

AJ Henry Park