Divided into multiple identical spaces, the installation proposed a shift from anticipating the next moment to fully experience the present.

The Trail

Hollow round spheres were placed outside a gallery to roam around freely with the wind.

Show Me The Water

Through video, photographs and mixed-media the show suggests a primal longing to the sea and to natural habitats.

One Fish

Consuming the entire room, the installation calls attention to the rapid expansion of the modern Chinese city, and the decline of heritage and traditions.

Once They Hang It, It Is Hung

Structured frames of pictures, made of spackle, upon the wall of the gallery, suggest that art leaves traces behind on the wall as in the viewer’s mind.

I Miss the Sound of the Sea

The phrase I MISS THE SOUND OF THE SEA was written on the four gallery walls “at wave level”, as a white-on-white installation.

A View With A Room

Consuming the whole gallery, the installation attempts to blend together an interior and exterior landscape.

A Ritual In Black and White

Inspired by coal miners in Kladno, this work, on its black coal powder and white soap detergent, brings to mind a diligent work made by ants.