Getting a TX Driver License Like a Boss

by Shoshana Brand (Written in 2018, maybe things have changed…) As you all know by now- I have recently moved from CA to TX. After taking care of a million and one things, such as buying a house and moving my belongings cross country, it was time to take care of my car issues. On … Read More

We’ve Made a Book Trailer

by Shoshana Brand While Movie Trailers are all around, not every author (or comics creator) makes a Book Trailer. It does not occur to many authors that a Book Trailer can be used as a great exposure and communication tool. For some time, it hadn’t occurred to me either. However, since I was planning to … Read More

Creating Yourself as an Artist

by Shoshana Brand When I graduated with an MFA degree, I knew I would not rely on random galleries and curators for my career. It was crystal clear to me that if I wanted to exhibit my artwork, I would somehow find my venues, and if those venues were not around to find, then I’d … Read More

Who Is Afraid of Comics and Graphic Novels?

June 25, 2017 – by Shoshana Brand I am about to publish my 4th issue in the series of The English Teacher Comics: Epic School Life. My printer has already informed me that my Proof is on its way to me (and we are both very excited!). After checking the Proof, I’ll be ready to confirm … Read More

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

by Shoshana Brand This is about the movie He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. I don’t usually write about movies, but maybe I should… as I have watched plenty of them, and I certainly have a lot to say. In my artwork, I have searched immensely for answers to the concept of perception. Maybe because … Read More

Teaching Art to 5-Year Olds

by Shoshana Brand I’ve decided to teach my young students (Kindergarten age) how to draw. I wanted them to experience success and create artwork that would look mature. We started with tracing. Right away I noticed that many of the students just went all over the white space with their pencil (i.e. “colored” the image) or … Read More

How to Fire Your Gardener

by Shoshana Brand In 2016 there were two dysfunctional relationships in my life: With my ice cream truck driver and with my gardener. The latter was very emotional. It was not the glass door he had broken and lied about (but later paid for). It was not the fact that he eliminated (deliberately?) my most … Read More

How I solved The Broken Glass Crime (A Short Thriller)

by Shoshana Brand Two weeks ago, while I was talking to the gardener in the front yard, his assistant went to work in the backyard. I heard a loud abrupt noise coming from there, but kind of ignored it, as he continued working, spreading noise with his lawnmower. When they were gone, I looked at … Read More

Treated Badly

by Shoshana Brand In contrast to what teachers think, they are not the only individuals who are treated badly. There are more groups of individuals who are forced to face discrimination where ever they go. And here they are: Christians, Jews, blonds, bearded men and women, Muslims, those with yellow teeth, those with no teeth, … Read More